Metro Flair World Open 2015

Competition Rules & Info


The Metro Flair competition will be held on 30 january 2015 at Night Club «BAZA» Pobedy Str.,35,Grodno,Belarus. Metro Flair World Open 2015 is a part of World Flair Association’s Grand Slam 2015.

Competitors will have 4 minute in the qualifiers and 6 minutes in the finals to make two drinks. One with working flair and the other with exhibition flair. Bulbash is the main sponsor which means 10% of your routine must be with Bulbash vodka.

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1.General Rules:

  1. All bartenders are required to attend the registration meeting 30 january 2015 at Night Club «BAZA» Pobedy Str.,35,Grodno,Belarus, at 9:00 am.

  2. All competing bartenders as well as their supporters must be at least 18 years of age.

  3. Participants have to fill the registration form at until January 25th.Registration could be closed earlier due to reach of maximum number of participants. The registration form can be found here The number of participants is limited to 50 bartenders max.

  4. After succeeding the maximums number of participants a waiting list will be made and in case someone is stepping out of the competition, bartenders from the waiting list will be offered to participate. Waiting list will be valid until January 29th 24:00.

  5. Participation fee is 40 EUR and must be paid during the registration. 6.Before competition starts all competitors have to make sure that they

are registered as member of WFA at Becoming a member of WFA is free of charge and that is needed to update everyone’s Grand Slam points earned at every Grand Slam competition. Grand Slam points will be awarder only to registered members.

  1. The WFA scoring system will be used which is explained in details


  2. There will be competition T-shirts provide for each participant (please specify the size in the registration forms).Participants must wear them while performing on the stage.

  3. Competing bartenders will not be allowed to wear logos of any companies conflicting with the sponsors of the event.

  4. Music must be provided at the registration meeting in CD Audio format (not MP3) and in its own case, properly labelled with your starting number, name and track number. It is highly recommended that you bring more than one copy of your music with you in case it is damaged or unreadable. Organisers and event staff are not responsible for damaged or unreadable music.

  5. Competition sponsors (products) include: Juice RICH , Syrup MONIN , Vodka BULBASH , Shweppes Tonic , Rum RON VARADERO. Only BULBASH must be used for 10% of your routine.

  6. WFA gradings will be awarded. Bartenders who finishin 4th, 5th or 6th position will get a purple WFA grading and the top 3 bartenders – a black WFA grading. Detailed information and description of WFA gradings can be found here gradings/levels

  7. All rules and guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of the competition organisers.

  8. ny violation of these rules may result in disqualification from the competition.

  1. Flair Rules

    1. Each participant will have 4 minutes of show time in the qualifying round, 6 minutes of show time in the final round.

    2. Time for setting up the bar on the stage in the qualifying round is max. 5 minutes for each participant. Same for the final.

    3. All bottles used in the working flair must be set in at least half full 2.4.All bottles used in the exhibition flair must be set in at least 15ml

      (1/2oz) of liquid

        1. No empty bottles can be included in the competition bar set up.

        2. A metal pour spout is required on the working flair bottles. Any free flowing pour spout can be used on all exhibition flair bottles. Pour spouts can taped in place, as long as they are not restricting the flow of liquid.

        3. artenders can set up the competition bar (portable bar station – (see the picture below). any way they choose, but it is highly recommended that nothing starts on the upper bar surface to help with visibility for both the audience and the judges.

        4. No fire tricks of any kind will be allowed.

        5. All non-sponsor bottles must have their original brand labels taken off and replaced with the competition stickers.

        6. Top 10 from qualifying advances to the Finals. The points from qualification are not added up.

      2.11.10% of your routine MUST be with Bulbash Vodka. (Picture below).

      That means 24 seconds in the qualification round, and 36 seconds in the final round. We recommend ensuring that you flair with the bottle longer than the required amount as a buffer.

        1. You can also use working flair with your own bottles, but it DOES NOT count towards your 10% for sponsor flair, and it must go towards the making of the Pink Mojito cocktail.

        2. Real Alcohol will be used in the making of ALL cocktails.

  2. Recipe rules & guidelines

Exhibition Flair

- Pink Mojito

Working Flair

- Screwdriver

4. Schedule:

09.00-11.00 — Registration

11.00-12.00 — Briefing

12.00-19.00 — Qualifying Round 20.00-23.30 — FINAL

00.00-01.00 — Awards Ceremony 01.00-06.00 — After Party


Hotels near «BAZA» Night Club:

«Turist» Hotel

Hotel website

Other hotels:

«Slavia» Hotel

Hotel website

«Semashko» Hotel

Hotel website

Kronon Park Hotel

Hotel website

Hostel in Grodno

Hostel website

6.Prize Money: Prize Money

1-st place — 2000€ Trophy + Cup 2-nd place — 1500€ Trophy + Cup 3-rd place — 1000€ Trophy + Cup 4-th place — 500€

5-th place — 300€

Best Bar Lady — 200€ Trophy + Cup

Best Belarus Bartender — Trophy + Cup (round-trip ticket to the qualification stage of «Roadhouse» to London, UK)


Andy Collinson - Head Judge

Sergiy Sidorenko - Grand Slam Judge Alexsandr Grebenyuk - Approved Judge

Deduction judges Fabio Milani Andrey Grushinov


Pictures of the bar station:



Pictures of cocktails: Exhibition Flair: Pink Mojito


Working flair - screwdriver.


Sponsorship bottle Bulbash: 10% of the program



Creative opening a beer bottle:


Flair (200 points - 50 points per sub section)

Variety – 50

This is NOT just about the variety of sequences you perform during your routine. But the different variety of moves you are producing. Judges will also take into consideration different throws, grabs and catches. Using different techniques, turning, spinning, snatching, bumps, taps, rolls, nests, reverse grabs and catches etc. Varying speeds and plenty of different moves. Someone performing lots of sequences with the same technique won’t score as high as someone performing less sequences with lots of different techniques. Snatching every move for example is not using variety.

Creativity – 50

Creating new moves obviously has a big role to play here, but also making a creative routine as a whole will help you score more points. Coming up with

a new routine each competition and performing new tricks, and not just upgraded moves, will help you score even more

Difficulty – 50

Being difficult is important to help move flair forward, but how to score here is the key. More objects doesn’t necessarily mean more difficulty. Linking one move directly with another is more difficult than having one big move and several “linking” moves then another big move. More objects in the air doesn’t necessarily mean more difficult either. think more about the grabs and catches. Using a nest catch all the time is easier than snatching, grabbing or catching to a pour.

Smoothness – 50

Being smooth is important to show you flair to a crowd. Judges will be looking for how seamless your routine is. Do you stop and start too much. Dance around on stage to “waste” time. Are you readjusting your shakers too much. Do you have to readjust yourself between moves. A good smooth routine, should flow nicely all towards making your drinks.

Entertainment (100 points - 50 points per sub section) Showmanship - 50

This is quite a general category. Showmanship is how you work with the crowd. The presentation ofyourself and your routine. Stopping for applause or recognition from the crowd. Flair is a form ofentertainment, and that is what the judges want to see. Interacting with the crowd and the people watching you. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a batman costume. A smile in the right place can make all the difference!

Choreography – 50

This is about your music and Composure. Routines have got to such a point, that they are fine tuned to the final straw going in the drink. Judges want to see you working with the music, as well as using the stage and moving with your routine to make it more entertaining. A well-choreographed routinewill help you score highly.


As a competitor in any WFA Grand Slam competition you are required to behave with respect and decorum throughout the entirety of the competition. Sponsors pay a lot of money to give us the opportunity to have these great events all over the world, so let’s treat them with respect so that they will want to repeat the competition the next year

Dress Code

During the competition you are required to dress accordingly to what is expected of you. In some cases you will have to wear the t-shirt provided by the sponsor on stage. In this case, make sure that it is clean and ironed and not all messy when on go on stage with it. If you require another t-shirt ask the organising staff to provide you with one

You should treat the stage like you would any bar. So no open toe shoes, like flip flops or sandals, but trainers or shoes is fine.

You are NOT allowed to wear shorts on stage. Even if it is an outside competition in the sun They look messy and unprofessional

Please make sure your trousers are clean and tidy and not covered in rips and tears. In some cases you may want to wear a costume. This is fine, but nothing vulgar.

No nudity of any kind is allowed during your performance.

If the organiser, judge or sponsors are not happy with the way you have presented yourself you will be asked to change, incur a deduction (-5 miscellaneous) or get disqualified from the competition.


Competitions can be stressful times and everyone wants to do their best, but remember everyone is in the same boat so remember to treat EVERYONE with respect. Including the staff.

The competition staffs are there to help you. If you are rude or arrogant towards them, you may face disqualification, or refusal to enter the next Grand Slam competition.

Any rudeness or disrespect towards other competitors can face disqualification. This can be at anytime throughout the competition, in the practice area, on stage or where ever.

Try and help out other competitors whenever you can.

The judges have a difficult decision and are always willing to answer your questions after a competition, but any rudeness or disrespect towards them could mean refusal to enter the next Grand Slam competition.


This is a big moment for everyone, whether it is announcing the finalists or the overall winners. Everyone is nervous and everyone wants to win. If you are not happy with your placement, DO NOT walk off stage in a huff. Collect your prize and wait for the all clear to get off the stage once all

announcements are finished. Failure to do so can result in disqualification or being banned from the next Grand Slam comp.

When it comes to announcements please wear either the competition t-shirt or your sponsor or representation’s attire. Each competition is different and you will be briefed by the organisers. We do not want to see you in your shirt ready for a night out.

It is also NOT allowed to be drunk when you are on stage collecting your prizes, and we do NOT want to see you with a drink in your hand on stage. Failure to follow these guidelines can mean you not receiving your prize and or being disqualified from the competition.

Bottles to be used

As we have mentioned before the sponsor pay a lot of money to put on these competitions so they want to see their bottles used at competitions as much as possible. Anyone thought to be blatantly disregarding the sponsors bottles will be disqualified from the comp or incur a major deduction


This will always be down to the organiser as to when they want your music. Please make sure it is clearly labelled and is only on ONE CD!

After the competition

Once the competition is over you have the chance to chat with the judges and discuss your scores on how you can improve for the next comp.

Any discrepancies’ in the scores should be put in writing to the World Flair Association, sent to by the individual who is not happy.

The World Flair Association will try and solve any problems with scores or results in any way they can.


Any competitor not respecting the rules of the competition, the judges, fellow competitors or the sponsors can face disqualification from the competition or be banned from the next Grand Slam competition.